Over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We have been in the packaging and  labor supply business for 19 years, a span of time long enough to stamp a mark of excellence and quality in our work to what we are today. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best and the best only at all times.


Specialists In:

  • Contract Production Line.
  • Festival Re-Packaging.
  • Promotional Re-Packaging.
  • Supply of warehouse & Production workers
  • Stuffing & Un-stuffing Container.
  • Bus kilang Services.
  • Bus persiaran.
  • Travel and Tour
  • Bengkel


  • More than 19 years of experience in Co-Packaging business.
  • All kind of products inclusive of food, personal care, home care, Pharmaceuticals, Premiums, toys, etc.
  • Work done internally or in clients’ premises (Warehouse/Factories)

SALES TURNOVER 1997 – 2016



  • Your first choice partner in PACKAGING and LABOUR SUPPLY SOLUTION.
  • Love and peace creating a supportive world


  • We commit to make our clients’ business most successful by providing quality and excellent on Packaging and Labour Supply Solution at competitive price through a responsive and reliable management team focusing on continuous improvement in business process, human resources and knowledge.
  • Let every employee have a comfortable working environment and a better treatment


  • Giving and defending providing win-win situation